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Katara International Exhibition for Kahraman is the first of its kind in Qatar and the biggest in the Middle East, reaching the level of international exhibitions. It will feature rare exhibits of Kahraman.


To present a full-fledged exhibition of authentic and natural Kahraman, in a contemporary style, with a strong commitment to the Arab cultural tradition.


To promote Kahraman industry which is considered part and parcel of the Arab culture and a symbol of the people in the Arab Gulf region.


To showcase authentic Kahraman meeting the tastes and preferences of different age groups; to bring together a wide range of those products along with their makers and manufacturers.


Katara International Exhibition for Kahraman Pictures, Videos, Book and News

2019, 2023

  • Katara Cultural Village plans to organise this exhibition on an annual basis to make Katara the first access for authentic Kahraman beads.
  • To facilitate exchange of expertise and different perspectives in the manufacturing of Kahraman beads.
  • To display, sell and popularise Kahraman beads.
  • To familiarise the younger generation with the making of Kahraman beads.
  • To bring together specialised talents in this industry from outside Qatar.
  • To document and archive the history of manufacturing Kahraman beads.
  • To introduce different varieties of Kahraman beads.

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